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Quarantine Self Care Tips

When you are staying home and practicing social distancing your appearance isn't really a priority. In between sporting a messy bun or a hat for days on end this is actually the perfect time to take really good care of yourself including your hair, skin, and nails.

Less frequent hair washing is great for hair and scalp health and for preserving hair colour. Now is the perfect time to transition your hair from daily shampooing. Your scalp with start to produce less oil as you wash it less. Also try using cooler water to preserve your colour and protect the ends of your hair since it might be a while until your next hair appointment. You still need to keep your scalp healthy so use how that feels as a guide for when you need to cleanse. We are not advocating this as an opportunity to not wash your hair for weeks.

Switch up the messy bun to a low ponytail or braid to avoid breakage due to consistent stress or pressure on the same points on your hair. Your day 2/3/4 hair doesn't have to be fabulous but it also shouldn't harm your hair. Still wear a buff at night to minimize tangles especially with less styling during the day.

Use this opportunity to do those weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatments that you've been meaning to do. If you don't have a deep conditioner at home you can use your regular conditioner or pick one up from our online store.

Take advantage of the nice weather by getting outside for regular walks (keeping 6ft away from everyone else of course). The vitamin D and fresh air are great for both mental and physical health but don't forget to use sunscreen. Even a short period of time outside without sun protection can cause damage. Putting on a hat if you're doing yard work will also protect your scalp.

Switch out some of the coffee, wine, gin (insert drink of choice here) for water. Drinking enough water is essential for skin and scalp health. It also just helps remove that sluggish feeling or a headache that you can get when you don't have enough during the day.

All that hand washing and hand sanitizing is definitely doing a number on your skin and cuticles. Make sure to use cuticle oil morning and night to prevent hang nails and cracked cuticles. Apply your favourite lotion to slightly damp skin to help nourish dry hands.

TIP: Keep a bottle by each sink at home to help remind yourself.

Try to avoid cutting your own hair or trimming your bangs. Wear a stretchy headband or use a bobby pin to keep bangs out of your face. If you do succumb to the urge to DIY a haircut, we definitely have the skills to fix whatever you've done to yourself and are happy to help you out when we reopen.

Stay home, stay safe, be well. We can't wait to get back to taking care of you as soon as it is safe to do so.

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