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Cutting & Styling -

Waves, Curls, & Coils

All of our stylists are trained curl specialists who use dry curl cutting techniques to maximize your curl potential according to your hair goals. Every visit starts with an in-depth consultation so that we can assess where you are in your curl journey. After determining the plan for your hair, your curl specialist will craft your desired look. This is followed by a curl coaching session so that you can learn how to care for your hair at home, including hydrating and styling. We can't wait to work with you so that you love your hair.

We are trained in three different specialized approaches to curly hair.
Click below for more information on each technique.

Lengths indicated below refer to starting hair length. Not sure what to book? Use the request forms at the bottom and we will happy to assist you!

Cropped - clipper on sides/back

Short - jawline or shorter

Moderate - below chin to shoulders

Long - below shoulders

Curl Transformation - Cropped 60 minutes

Curl Transformation - Short 75 minutes

Curl Transformation - Moderate 90 minutes

Curl Transformation - Long 105 minutes

Teen Curl Transformation - 9-14 years old 60 minutes

Youth Curl Transformation - 3-8 years old 45 minutes

Existing Guest Curly Cut - Cropped 45 minutes

Existing Guest Curly Cut - Short 60 minutes

Existing Guest Curly Cut - Moderate 75 minutes

Existing Guest Curly Cut - Long 90 minutes

Existing Guest Express Cut (dry cut only) 30-45 minutes

Curl Coaching Lesson














Additional fees will apply for extremely long/thick hair and/or hair that requires significant detangling. Prices do not include applicable HST.

Express cuts are only available for repeat guests who had their last cut with us less than 14 weeks prior. If you book this but don't meet that criteria your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Please click the link in your welcome email or text to learn how to prepare for your visit.

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