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We aren't just for guests with curly hair, we're pro healthy hair of all textures. This means that we are experts in maintaining the integrity of your hair no matter what colour you want it to be. Let us teach you how to safely heat style your hair to achieve your hair goals or craft a style for you that looks great but is so easy on a busy morning.

All of our services begin with a thorough consultation with one of our stylists to determine your hair goals. Together we will create a plan to achieve your style potential. Every visit includes cleansing, conditioning, and a styling tutorial so that you can care for your hair at home. We can't wait to work with you so that you love your hair

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Cutting & Styling -

Straight Hair

Image by Jens Lindner

Cutting & Styling

Lengths indicated below refer to starting hair length. Not sure what to book? Use the request forms at the bottom and we will happy to assist you!

Cropped  30 minutes clipper on sides/back

Short 45 minutes jawline or shorter

Moderate 60 minutes below chin to shoulders

Long 75 minutesbelow shoulders

Youth Cut (0-8 years)

Teen Cut (9-14 years)

Cropped Cut & Styling

Short Cut & Styling

Moderate Cut & Styling

Long Cut & Styling








Prices do not include applicable HST.
Pricing varies according to the stylist and technique used.
Extra fees may apply for extra long/thick hair and/or hair that requires significant detangling.
Please note that Erin is not accepting any new guests with straight hair so her pricing is not included above.

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