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Meet Erin

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Hairstyling was my hobby...

as a teenager but I was convinced that I was going to be a lawyer. Fortunately, at the end of high school several people came across my path who pointed out that if I loved doing hair, I could turn my hobby into a career.


I began my career in 1999 but ...


I didn’t discover my passion for helping fellow curly girls and guys until after I had been doing hair professionally for 12 years. After my first DevaCurl class in 2012, it was like a lightbulb moment and I approached curls in a whole new way. I had already been a successful stylist and master colourist at this point but this was completely different fulfilling level of hairstyling. 

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Even though I dream of...

having gorgeous tight ringlets, I have wavy hair. It’s healthy, whatever length I want it to be, and easy to care for. Yes, hair can be both beautiful and low maintenance at the same time. I'm obsessed with hair colour and take pride in crafting the perfect hues for you. The best part is that I can teach you how to have healthy hair that reflects who you are so that you feel strong, confident, and empowered with any hair type.  


When I'm not behind the chair...

 you can find me cooking or baking for my family (meal planning makes it all work), taking the kids to their various activities, checking out a local restaurant, or dreaming of my next travel destination or camping getaway. I try to start each morning with some self-care whether it's a workout at home, reading a book, or just enjoying my coffee and a quiet moment to myself.

Most Popular New Guest Packages

Curl Transformation


Colour Your Curls


Sun-Kissed Curls


Curl Confidence


Curl Power


Existing Guests' Favourite Services 

Curly Cut & Styling

Curly Cut & Colour

*For guests who have had services here within the last 18 months.

Curly Cut & Colour & Hand-Painted Highlights

Curly Cut & Hand-Painted Highlights

Express Curly Cut






Pricing is based on starting hair length, not gender. Additional fees will apply for extra long/dense hair and/or if significant detangling is required.

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