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Virtual Curl Coaching

Learning to properly take care of your curls can be so overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. I'm here to help you!

Featured on the
Curly Hair Q&A Show
Level 3 Certified
Curl Specialist
RezoCut & RezoLites Certified
Only Raw Curls Certified Stylist in Ontario

This one-on-one virtual appointment will help you with:

Curve_high res-11.jpg

Includes a recording of our virtual chat for you to keep and a PDF of our Perfect Curl Instructions.

  • How to choose products for your hair

  • What all those ingredients mean

  • How to correctly use products for best results

  • What to look for on labels - to use or to avoid

  • What techniques will help you achieve your curl goals

  • Correct product amounts to use

  • How to have consistently successful wash days

  • Dry refreshing

  • Decoding all those curly terms

  • Anything else you need help with

Your needs and questions really influence the direction of our session so that it's fully personalized.

Step 2

Write down any specific questions that you have so you don't forget to ask them.

Step 4

Get excited for our session. 

I can't wait to help you!


Michelle says

Amazing cut! Amazing products! Amazing service! Superb curly hair education! Thank you Erin, I love my hair!

Lesley says

Erin was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in teaching me how to care for my curly hair! She took time with me to explain each step and how it will help me to have frizz free curls.

Karen says

Erin is amazing! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Answered all of my questions about cut, colour, and product.

Julie says

Fantastic care and education for developing and managing my curls. Looking forward to going back and seeing the progress as I try some of the new techniques.

Taylor says

Erin always does an amazing job. I am always very happy with my hair leaving the salon. She is down to earth and makes me feel very welcome. I have been to 4 different curly stylists and Erin is by far the best. 

Smiling Woman with Curly Hair

Let's Talk Curls!

Option 1 - Curl Conference

A 60 Minute Session

This is the perfect choice for you if you're new to caring for your waves, curls, or coils, have been trying to take care of them for a while and just feel lost, or really want a personalized simplified curl care routine.

Option 2 - Curl Chat

A 30 Minute Session

This is the perfect choice for you if you have been practising proper curl care for at least a year and need some troubleshooting, want product recommendations only, or have seen a curl specialist for an in person appointment and just need a review/refresher.

Coaching Options

Not sure which option to choose? Just ask me.

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