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What's a Raw Curls Cut?

A Raw Curls cut combines the foundation of the DevaCurl curl by curl dry cut with wet curl sculpting (inspired by the Ouidad cutting system). This cutting and styling approach was created by Melanie Nickels of the Raw Hair Organic Salon. The purpose of this technique is to have the strong consistent result from a dry cut with using the targeted curl sculpting method to add volume and bounce to wavy textures, unlock the tight coils of super curly hair, balance out inconsistent curl shapes in all hair textures, and prevent the "poof" during grow out on thick hair. A Raw Curls cut still respects curl integrity because we have complete control over the finished result. Since the curl sculpting lasts for a longer length of time, maintenance visits in between are dry curl by curl cuts with styling.

Currently Erin, Laura, Kate, Amy, & Novlet are Raw Curls trained.  Please allow 2.5-3 hours for your first visit since a Raw Curls cut is done on both dry and wet hair.
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