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Meet Samantha


At first I wanted to be a teacher...


but I also wanted space to do something creative. In becoming a hairstylist, I get to be creative and teach you all about how to properly care for your hair and scalp.


I was always the one who played with...



and experimented on my friends' hair. Sometimes they had input on what was done but not always. I've since learned to balance the creativity with really listening to what my guests want. Then I focus on making those hair goals become a reality while preserving hair health. The listening and communication skills are just as important and the technical ones I have.


I'm working on repairing my wavy hair...


because over-processing in hairstyling school has made my waves very unhappy. Now I'm all about loving your natural texture and maintaining hair health. If your hair needs rehab also, you know my chair is a judgement-free space because I'm on that journey too. You'll leave a visit with me feeling better about your hair and with a dose of extra confidence because of the amazing overall care and experience I provide. That's in addition to helping you solve your hair challenges and getting you to those goals, of course.

In my spare time...


you'll find me hanging out with family and friends, camping if it's summer, or watching hair videos. I love to learn and see new ideas so TikTok and YouTube draw me in. That doesn't mean I try them all, but continuously educating myself and sparking my creativity is essential in my opinion.


Most Popular New Guest Packages

Curl Transformation


Curl Transformation + Colour


Curl Transformation + Partial Highlights


Colour + Haircut for Straight Hair


Full Highlights + Haircut for Straight Hair


Existing Guests' Favourite Services 

Curly Cut & Styling

Curly Cut & Colour

*For guests who have had services here within the last 12 months.

Curly Cut & Colour & Hand-Painted Highlights

Curly Cut & Hand-Painted Highlights

Full Balayage & Style






Pricing is based on starting hair length, not gender. Additional fees will apply for extra long/dense hair and/or if significant detangling is required.

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