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Help! My Hair Hates Winter.

Canadian winters can be brutal on our scalp, hair, and skin. We can't just go south for the season so here are some expert tips to help survive the cold.

Cold Weather Doesn't Have to Suck all the Moisture Out of Hair and Skin

Here are our top tips for winter weather survival:

  • Dial down the heat in the shower. The hotter your water is, the more drying it is to your hair and scalp. Let's be realistic though, you aren't going to get into a lukewarm shower. Get in at whatever temperature you need it be and then cool it off a little at a time while you're in there.

  • Add a Deep Conditioner to your Routine. Your regular conditioner might not offer enough moisture in cold temperatures. Adding a deep conditioner to your routine once or twice per month can add the hydration boost that your hair is craving. Innersense Organics Hydrating Cream Mask is a great choice for all hair textures.

  • Water, water, and more water! Make sure to focus on adding water while you're working your regular conditioner through your hair. The water and conditioner work together to hydrate your hair. Hydrate your skin by applying your moisturizer to damp skin and drinking enough water throughout the day.

Ask your stylist for customized recommendations at your next appointment.

A trim to remove split ends can really help how your hair receives moisture, so if you don't already have one scheduled book now.

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