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Meet Amy

Amy_high res-3.jpg

I used to practice my braids on my Barbies' hair...


and if their hair started to look crazy, I would give them haircuts. This is where I fell in love with what hair could do.


When graduating high-school I heavily considered going into hairstyling...


 but chose to explore other areas of creative design. After exploring other career options I came back to my passion for hair. Through research, learning that my poofy, frizzy, tangled hair was actually curls that just needed some love I started my own curly hair journey. It was a slow process of learning what my hair liked and needed to go from heat damaged small waves to curls. I love being creative and being able to do that while helping someone feel their best is the cherry on top.

Amy_high res-1.jpg

I love to do creative colour hair projects...


where someone comes to me with an idea, “I want to have galaxy hair!” I love the challenge this presents to interpret that idea into a beautiful blend of colours through hair art.

Through my curly hair journey, I’ve learned that I find joy in helping others discover the curls they didn’t realize they had. In hair school, I loved the clients that didn’t realize they had curly hair until I asked if they would like me to style their hair with their natural texture and they always walked away with a huge smile on their face. There's something so fulfilling about helping others be happy with themselves and their natural curls and waves.

In my spare time...


 am a total nerd. I love hanging out with friends and playing some D&D. Majority of my closet includes nerdy Marvel shirts or band tees. Weekends tend to be spent either outside longboarding or playing sports and if it happens to be bad weather, you’ll find me inside binge watching a series such as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.


Most Popular New Guest Packages

Curl Transformation


Curl Transformation + Colour


Curl Transformation + Partial Highlights


Curl Transformation + Full Highlights


Full Highlights + Haircut for Straight Hair


Existing Guests' Favourite Services 

Curly Cut & Styling

Curly Cut & Colour

*For guests who have had services here within the last 12 months.

Curly Cut & Colour & Hand-Painted Highlights

Curly Cut & Hand-Painted Highlights







Pricing is based on starting hair length, not gender. Additional fees will apply for extra long/dense hair and/or if significant detangling is required.

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