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Welcoming you to the salon will feel a little different initially. Your overall experience and the excellent service that we provide has not changed.


Call or text 519-893-8938 when you arrive for your appointment. We will let you know when it's okay to enter. 


Please leave all non-essential personal items such as coats and bags in your vehicle.


Bring a mask to wear for the duration of your visit. We will be wearing masks as well so we can be safe and stylish together. If you forget one, a disposable one will be provided for you.


Upon entering you will be asked to sanitize your hands, UV sterilize your phone, and answer our health screening questions. You may complete our health questionnaire on the day of your appointment prior to arriving. We will assist you with completing it in salon once you arrive if you haven't done so in advance.


All other personal items will be placed in a paper bag provided for you. You will be escorted to the appropriate chair for your visit to begin.


Do not bring any friends, kids, or other family members with you as we have removed our waiting area to comply with distancing guidelines.


We are so excited to see you again and this list is definitely not as intense as it sounds.


If you just need to purchase product please call us in advance or visit our online store.

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