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Meet Raimi

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For a long time...


I really struggled with taking care of my hair. The knots were so bad that I’d leave them for days, which only made them worse. My hair became something I was embarrassed about because I’d hadn’t ever learned to take care of it. Now with curly girl methods, my hair has never felt so good. I’ve learned how to love my curl shape, hydrate my curls enough to enhance (with minimal or no knots), and haven’t turned back. My hair now gives me a new sense of self love, and I’d love to give that to each person who sits in my chair. 


When I was in high school...


 I came across a YouTube video about ASL. I had always known about American Sign Language, but this was a new door. I love learning new things so within that summer learned as much as I could. I wanted to be able to communicate with a group of people who work so hard to communicate in our society’s standards.  I loved learning it and have met many amazing people since knowing ASL. 

Raimi_high res-1.jpg

I have also discovered a passion for balayage...


and vivid colours. The skill and technique required to achieve both of those has been a challenge that I’ve embraced. My priority is always healthy hair so sometimes it will take more than one visit to get to your colour goals and in my professional opinion, Olaplex is essential in all colour transformations.   


When I’m not working...


 I’m often at home trying new recipes or spending time with my animals. My boyfriend and I have rescued over 2 dozen exotic pets over the last few years who were in very hard situations. I spend most of time feeding them and giving them love. They make each day a little more fun and exciting no matter what else the day holds.   

Most Popular New Guest Packages

Curl Transformation


Colour Your Curls


Sun-Kissed Curls


Glow Up


Lighten Up


Existing Guests' Favourite Services 

Curly Cut & Styling

Curly Cut & Colour

*For guests who have had services here within the last 18 months.

Curly Cut & Colour & Hand-Painted Highlights

Curly Cut & Hand-Painted Highlights

Full Balayage & Style






Pricing is based on starting hair length, not gender. Additional fees will apply for extra long/dense hair and/or if significant detangling is required.

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