Meet Kat

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It all started when I was 5 years old...


I used to take toothpicks and clean under people’s nails because I hated dirty nails. When I was 21, I temporarily moved to Connecticut and my interest in doing beautiful nails was sparked. Friends and family helped me to realize that what had started off as a hobby, had now blossomed into a passion.    


When I moved back to Kitchener...


 I had decided that I wanted to transform my hobby into a career. I went to The Ontario Nail and Esthetics Institute in Cambridge where I became a certified nail technician doing everything from natural nail care to nail extensions, a certified eyelash extension technician and a certified wax technician. I enjoy educating guests on good lash and nail health because there are so many bad practices and misinformation out there.  

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I’ve always had a love for art...


I feel that I can express my artistic ability and creativity with nail designs, especially hand painted nail art. I like to recreate my own version of Pinterest nail inspirations and welcome any and all designs you can dream of. I’m always up for challenging myself with new techniques and designs.  My love for art also extends to my baby, my Subaru WRX. It’s currently wrapped bright gloss pink and satin black with gold dust. It was extremely difficult to decide on a colour because the creative part of me just loved so many of the options. I love beauty and art, and I have a passion for cars, so this is a great way to combine both. You’ll always know when I’m at the salon because my car is hard to miss. 


I love building people’s self-confidence...


 and lashes are a great example of this. I enjoy creating a unique lash look that compliments each of my guest’s eyes and face. I can do everything from a classic “really good mascara” look to a long fluffy wispy mega volume lash. I will completely customize it to suit who you are and your lifestyle. I have plans coming up to become trained in brow lamination, lash lifts and tint to continue to help all my guests feel confident and beautiful. I will also begin my apprenticeship for hair styling this year through Curve Hair Studio.


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