Meet Jean

My hair story is pretty similar to most other curly people. My mom has straight hair, like most of my family, so growing up my mom was mostly just grabbing anything off the shelf that said "detangling" and hoping for the best. As I got older I experimented with different products and colours but still hadn't cracked the curly code. It wasn't until I completely destroyed my hair with DIY colour (to the point of it almost breaking all off) that I really  started to take care of my hair. Through the glory of the internet I found the curly girl method and became determined to learn all of the secrets.


I went onto hair college bright eyed and eager to learn, but much to my surprise most of the curriculum was focused on straight hair. I loved learning about cutting, braiding, extensions and wigs. I really enjoyed working with clients, but I always had more questions about curls. After graduating I joined the Curve team and since then I've learned so much! I've always wanted to work with curly hair and through the help of the team here all my questions are being answered.. The best part is that I'm now able to help others that are maybe where I was not too long ago. 


I'm a huge fan of classic to modern sci-fi and horror films and I draw a lot of inspiration from the variety of styles seen in film. Their styles are truly a reflection of the character inside and I love creating a look to help the outside match the inner you.

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