Meet Claudia

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I realized that I had a passion for hair styling when...


I was in transition from coming back to Kitchener after attending college for Travel & Tourism, Nine years later, that passion continues to grow. I joined Curve Hair Studio in 2014 not even knowing that I had wavy hair, I thought that my hair was just weird. I knew that the texture wasn’t leftover from that perm my mom gave me as a child but it wasn’t curly so I straightened it a lot. When I first started working here, I got to see all these amazing transformations but in no way did I believe that my own hair could do that.  


I love creating...


hand-painted highlights to enhance your style and custom hues to hide unwanted natural “highlights’ or because you want the rainbow painted on your hair. Keeping your hair healthy is the top priority when changing hair colour so it might a few visits to achieve the more colourful goals, but there are no limits to my imagination.

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I have learned so much from...


helping all of my guests with their curly and non-curly hair needs. With my DevaCurl Master training, I can help you achieve fabulous results whether you have wavy, curly or super curly hair. I’m also very experienced with helping my non-curly haired guests - no one is left behind!  


I draw on my love of books and movies...


to inspire my work and look forward to creating a new style that makes you feel inspired too. I’m Harry Potter obsessed and I think that Hermione needed me to help her embrace her curls. I could have taught her the importance of hydration and that “frizz is just curl waiting to happen” (to quote Lorraine Massey, the author of the Curly Girl Handbook).  

Most Popular New Guest Packages

Curl Transformation


Colour Your Curls


Sun-Kissed Curls


Curl Confidence


Lighten Up


Existing Guests' Favourite Services 

Curly Cut & Styling

Curly Cut & Colour

*For guests who have had services here within the last 18 months.

Curly Cut & Colour & Hand-Painted Highlights

Curly Cut & Hand-Painted Highlights

Full Balayage & Style






Pricing is based on starting hair length, not gender. Additional fees will apply for extra long/dense hair and/or if significant detangling is required.